25 Years of ROXY - Kelia Moniz

Kelia ‘Sister’ Moniz is the epitome of effortless style and grace. Our favorite lady logger had mastered the art of hanging ten at an early age. At one stage, on the shores of Waikiki’s Queens Beach, she had more toes over the nose of her board than her age.

With equal parts happiness and humility, the multi-talented Hawaiian has become one of the most versatile surfers, notching up back to back 2012 and 2013 World Titles.

As she flawlessly cross-steps her way to the nose, (making it look all too easy) she does so with unfailing Hawaiian charm. A big smile, the spirit of Aloha and her relaxed style are what make her so incredible to watch in the water.

‘Watching Sister surf is like watching the most beautiful ballet you could ever see but she’s doing it on water. It’s something everyone should get to see’. Stephanie Gilmore

25 Years of ROXY 25 Years of ROXY 25 Years of ROXY 25 Years of ROXY 25 Years of ROXY 25 Years of ROXY

Kelia inherited her nickname "Sister" as she is the only girl in a family of four brothers. What's made it stick is that it represents exactly what she has become to her fellow ROXY team riders and friends around the globe.

25 Years of ROXY

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