25 Years Of ROXY With Rosy Hodge & Sierra Kerr at the #ROXYpro Gold Coast.

In celebration of #25YearsofROXY we sat down with team riders, Rosy Hodge and Sierra Kerr on a sunny lay day at the #ROXYpro to learn a little more about Rosy’s life growing up with the brand and Sierra’s goals for the future. Plus these two salty beauties share a unique similarity, both were sponsored by ROXY at age 8. Read more as the grom and grom at heart share the stoke together.


Sierra, how does it make you feel that you are on the same path as Rosy when she was your age?

It is super cool and inspiring that Rosy joined ROXY at my age!

Rosy, What was it like being raised by the brand?

It was so surreal for me to get sponsored by ROXY because I was soooo stoked about surfing. I was so proud to put the sticker on my board and every time a box of clothes got to my house I would rip it apart and figure out what Lisa, VK, Megan Abubo were wearing when they surfed and instantly that became my uniform. I remember watching Quiksilver Country and Kelly Slater had a pair of Hula Girl print Boardies, I got the girls version and wore them till they started to rot. For real, there was nothing left of those boardies. Then I had the chance to go on trips with my heros and I had to play it cool when I met Lisa and Sophia and Chelsea and Megan, but I was so stoked to hang with all the people that inspired me and now I look at the team and the girls are younger than me but I'm so inspired by all of them still.

Who has been the most influential over the years to you at ROXY?

Rosy - Thats a hard question, I think Lisa still gets me stoked and then I look at Steph and Torah Bright, they’re amazing. Plus the Three Amigos: Kelia, Monz and Bruna, they glow. Little Sierra Kerr is blowing up too.

Sierra - Rosy, Kelia, Monyca, Bruna, Steph and Lisa are all so nice, they are so good at what they do and it is just so inspiring.


Sierra, What do you like about the ROXY Team?

They are so inspiring. You can see what they do and then you can put it to your stuff! It is just so cool!

Where has your favorite surf destination been with ROXY?

This is my 11th straight year on the Gold Coast and I love Australia. Hawaii and California are great too. All these places were so unfamiliar to me when I was little, now they have become home.

How have you seen ROXY grow as a brand over the past 25 years?

I just like that it still feels like family, it's had ups and downs but it still has its core vibe. People are personally invested in the brand, that passion comes across and that's what makes you fall in love with Roxy.

Rosy, what was it like transitioning from being on the tour to being a host and fitness model?

I love the way my transition from pro surfing has worked out. I still love traveling and surfing so much and the chance to explore other avenues has been a lot of fun. I get to surf and learn new skills without the pressure of competing.

What are your goals for the next 3 years?

Rosy - I would love to still be hosting, maybe branch out from surfing into other disciplines, reporting at the Olympics would be pretty cool and still working with Roxy.

Sierra - I just want to keep getting better at skateboarding and surfing and having fun!

Rosy what advice can you give Sierra starting out?

I would say enjoy yourself and try as many things as you can by making the most of opportunities. Be a sponge, there are only a handful of people in the world that can say that they are the very best at something and Roxy has most of them on the team, so learn from the champs and always be respectful.

Sierra, any advice to give Rosy?

Get better at what you do and be yourself!


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