Caroline Marks - Surfing is Changing Because SHE is Forcing it to Change

SURF - July 6, 2021
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Where is Caroline? Honestly, sometimes we just can’t get a hold of her. And neither can her friends or family. But we know exactly where she is. She is surfing. This girl just can’t get enough of it. Caroline is a forever grom - at least in her constant froth for the sport. She’s not your average 19 year-old. Trading in the likes and hashtags for championships, perfect 10s and wins.
So, where is Caroline? She’s out there - surfing. Working her butt off at the sport she treasures so dearly. The one thing she prioritizes over everything else. She’s making history and she doesn't even know it. She’s too busy surfing.

Women's surfing is changing because she is forcing it to change.