Vahine Fierro - Surfing is Changing Because SHE is Forcing it to Change

SURF - July 2, 2021
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There’s no place like home. Home is where you feel the most… you. Comfort at an all time high. Confidence? Higher yet. And what if your home is on a remote tropical island and you feel most comfortable when riding a massive barrel at Teahupo’o? What if you feel at your strongest away from the spotlight, with the sun shining down on the lip of a wave? Well, then you are a whole other breed. And they just don’t make many like you, Vahine. You have battled this year like a true champion. A fierce competitor. A strong woman. You fight for equality in your sport unapologetically. We stand by you, and we stand with you (and so do your sisters who helped narrate this piece).

Women's surfing is changing because she is forcing it to change.