A day in Malibu with Stephanie Gilmore

Just before jetting to France for the #ROXYpro, we spent the day with
6x World Champion Stephanie Gilmore around her US home base in Malibu.
Scroll down for more and a few personal insights about the area.

“I’m on the road so much, being in one place that I can get into a normal routine is precious - riding to the store, playing my guitars, making my own coffee, it’s the simple joys like that”. Stephanie Gilmore

“Best boutique hotel around, The Surfrider Malibu. I could sit on the roof deck all day and watch the line up”. Stephanie Gilmore

“Malibu in the summertime is a hard place to beat. The south swells push through more frequently which makes for perfect lines at First Point. When it’s on, it has to be one of the best waves in America”. Stephanie Gilmore

“The car park at first point is a perfect representation of Californian surfing. The locals set up and hang out from sunrise to sunset, they seem like they’re friends that have been doing it for 30 years together. That’s just so cool”. Stephanie Gilmore