A new year means new adventures, are you #ROXYready?

Ready is the catalyst to saying yes to life, chasing our dreams and exploring the world around us, so we are always ready. Ready for an early morning swell, or first lift on a powder day. Ready for a late night bonfire, 6a.m. yoga classes, or mid-day treks through foreign bazaars. Whatever life has in store, we are ready to dive in.

This season we were lucky enough to explore Taiwan for our campaign shoot. Taiwan is an off-the-beaten path surf destination, where ancient history and tradition come together with a wide array of point breaks, river mouths and beaches. This small island off mainland China is alive with bustling markets, teaming metropolises, and Buddhist temples. And with an isolated coastline facing the Pacific, it’s the perfect getaway for surfers from around the world.

So grab your boards and your passport, because ROXY is READY for a brand new adventure.

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