Day 6 Recap at the #ROXYpro France

While the ROXY fitness faithful were enjoying a morning at #RUNSUPYOGA Hossegor, Round 3 at the #ROXYpro ran in tricky conditions. The girls took to the water this morning and as the buzz on the beach was the exciting three woman non elimination match-ups.

Round 3 at the #ROXYpro France

A hungry Courtney Conologue came out firing early in Heat 2, setting 5.33 and 7.77 point rides before the tide changed and waves started to lighten. Round 3 at the #ROXYpro France
Round 3 at the #ROXYpro France

In the final minutes of the heat, six-time World Champ Stephanie Gilmore and Hawaiian Coco Ho found their rhythm, each managing to string together 8 points waves, driving the result down to the last moments with Coco snaring the win and a spot in the quarters with her final wave score of 6.90.

Round 3 at the #ROXYpro France
Round 3 at the #ROXYpro France

Steph will now head into Round 4, an elimination round, and will face off against Californian surfer Sage Erickson.

Round 3 at the #ROXYpro France

Sage took away Stephanie to go in the quarter finals by scoring a total of 14.27 against 13.54 for Stephanie Gilmore. After winning 3 times the #ROXYpro, Stephanie has struggled to find his rhythm in the competition because of his injury that prevented hier from participating in CT since April.

Conlogue would be eliminated later in the day by an in-form Tyler Wright. With Conlogue’s elimination, Moore will overtake the frontrunner position on the Jeep Leaderboard with a Semifinals berth in France.

The remaining Quarterfinals match ups are -

Heat 1 Johanne Defay (FRA) vs. Tyler Wright (AUS)

Heat 2 Coco Ho (HAW) vs. Sage Erickson (USA)

Heat 3 Carissa Moore (HAW) vs. Nikki Van Dijk (AUS)

Heat 4 Tatiana Weston-Webb (HAW) vs. Sally Fitzgibbons

Round 3 at the #ROXYpro France

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