Inspired by Lisa Andersen

There isn’t much we can say about 4x World Champ, Lisa Andersen that hasn’t already been said. With the launch of her collection - inspired by pieces Lisa originally wore in the 90s - we felt the best people to describe the legend were the people who were influenced by Lisa the most, the ROXY team.


Scroll down to read some of our athletes favorite moments with Lisa over the years.



“Lisa has always been a massive inspiration in my life growing up. I was invited for Lisa Champ Camp in Hawaii back in 2003 when I was 13 years old. I didn't speak a word of English, and to this day don’t really know how I got there, but I look back at those memories and realize how that trip had a huge influence on how my future turned out. Lisa opened the doors for so many of us to explore our potential to make new friends and to know that age is just a number. She is still rocking the world!!!”



Growing up my mum and dad would always tell me stories about the tour and competitions, and sometimes they'd talk about Lisa and how much she ripped. When I struggled to make good results in my first contests they would tell me that it took Lisa a while to get in the contest groove when she was younger too, and that inspired me to keep trying. Needless to say she was one of my favorite surfers growing up. I got her book "Fearlessness" for my birthday and would watch her edits in surf movies on repeat. I liked her raw, spontaneous approach that was also very subtle and stylish at the same time. When I was 17 I won a junior comp in Huntington Beach and there was a party at her house afterwards. I think that’s the first time I properly met her in person. That day was really cool for me because that's when I met a lot of my favorite surfers and got a grasp of how much fun it was going to be to go on trips with them.

Photo: That iconic turn from the shimmer video!!!



Lisa has always been a huge inspiration to my sister and I. We had a huge autographed poster of her hanging in our room growing up, and even now it's on the wall of my sister’s college dorm room. Lisa was, and will always be, an amazing role model to look up to as a female surfer. Her innovative surfing, her fearlessness, and her love for the sport paved the way for us all.

I'll never forget what Lisa did for me on my first year on the Gold Coast. After seeing that I was riding an old board on the verge of breaking, she gave me one of her own boards to keep. I couldn't believe it, it was completely unexpected and so kind of her. Every Snapper session on that board was magic. It's one of the best boards I've ever had and will definitely remain a favorite of mine for a long time to come.




I was just a little beach rat from Waikiki and I was a obsessed with ROXY practically from the day I was born! I wanted to eat, breathe and live EXACTLY like a ROXY girl. Lisa, she was the QUEEEEEEN Of it all!

My first memory of actually hanging with Lisa, I was probably 13 or 14 years old. My family and I were in San Clemente California for the NSSA nationals and I had been riding for ROXY for about 2 years. It was down to the last day of the event and my Mom told me that Lisa was coming down to watch me. I was so freaked out. Sure enough, she came, and I was like whoa!!!! Lisa Andersen is at NSSA nationals to watch me surf! Not only did she watch, but she sat with me and my family and before my heat, gave me a few little tips before I paddled out and was there when I got back to the beach. I felt like the coolest little cat because Lisa was in MY corner.

Since that day forward I've watched Lisa treat every little frothy grom with the same soft, kind spirit as she did with me. And I still see little frothy groms look at Lisa with the same googoo eyes as I had that day at NSSA nationals. She's the Queen, it's plain and simple! Thanks for pioneering what a true champion, who strides with style and grace, looks like Mama Lisa! We love you!



One of my most memorable experiences with Lisa was my very first surf trip with ROXY. We got to go to Mexico together (my favorite place in the world to take a surf trip.) She was so kind, helpful, and humble in the water. She had me try her board and gave me tips right away. My starstruck feeling for her quickly changed to friendship. I ❤️ Lisa!!!!



When I think of lisa the first thought that jumps to mind is her sincerity. In a surrounding saturated in superficiality, Lisa has few words, and hides from attention. But when you catch her eye from the corner of the room, or in the line up, her sincerity breaks the barriers of achievement, status or any other obstacle. I look up to the person in the reflection of the trophy, she sparkles brighter.


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