Lay Day Sound Waves with Lee-Ann Curren at the #ROXYpro

ROXY team rider and multi-talented musician, Lee-Ann Curren grew up with surfing in her blood and on her doorstep. Hailing from Biarritz, France, Lee-Ann mastered her impeccably fluid style from father, 3x World Champion and accomplished musician Tom Curren. So it’s no surprise that music and surfing would be the predominant undertone of her life's passions.

Sound waves with Lee-Ann Curren

Lee-Ann best describes the two as “Surfing and music both make you feel really good when you do them for different reasons. When you are jamming you are adapting, similar to being in the water, you are being in tune with the ocean. You need to think ahead but still need to be very intuitive.”

Sound waves with Lee-Ann Curren
Sound waves with Lee-Ann Curren

Lee-Ann joined her first band when she was 12 years-old and didn’t even know how to play an instrument. Convincing her band mates that she could play bass guitar, the fake it ‘til you make it approach paid off and in no time she could hold a proper bassline. A former band member now plays with popular French psyche-punk rock outfit La Femme (included below in her playlist).

Currently Lee-Ann is one half of indie-rock duo Betty the Shark with long-term school friend Phillip Caradona aka. Charphil. With Lee-Ann on vocals, bass and guitar and Charphil on vocals, lead guitar and keyboards they have been creating surf rock together since they were at school together, although it wasn’t until 2011 that they started taking their music more seriously.

“Every time I would lose a surf contest, I was like, I am just going to make a band.” - Lee-Ann

During the 2014 #ROXYpro France, Betty The Shark played in and around the event, promoting their debut album - Shepherd of the Moon, recorded at the Quiksilver studio in St Jean de Luz, France.

Sound waves with Lee-Ann Curren

In the last few months, as Lee-Ann has been travelling along Australia’s Queensland coastline, Betty the Shark has been picking up gigs and fans between surfs. Most recently opening the new Boardriders store in Coolangatta during the #ROXYpro Gold Coast.

Sound waves with Lee-Ann Curren

To learn more about what influences Lee-Ann’s music check out her playlist below or follow our spotify channel here

Sugah Daddy / D’Angelo

They Don’t Want Me / Electric Wire Hustle

Reservoir / Metronomy

La Femme Ressort / La Femme

In Plain View / Tom Curren

Upside Down / Diana Ross

Somnia / Clean Spill

Velouria / Pixies

Split Like A Lip, No Blood On The Beard / Buke And Gase

Bennington / John Maus

Talk To Strangers / Saul Williams

Animals / Cocorosie

Andy / Rita Mitsouko

Missing / Everything But The Girl

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