Loving Lost in Bali: Rosy’s Mt. Agung Backpack Essentials

Properly prepping for a hike is a necessity and while fueling your body with the right nutrition to get you though the day is important, being prepared with the right gear to get you through the day is just as vital.

Here’s a sneak peek inside Rosy’s backpack as she prepares for the hike to Mt. Agung.

Mt Agung

1. Backpack: Pick a backpack that’s not too big or too small. We suggest something lightweight that has zippers for easy access to all of your essentials.

2. Fresh local fruit: Nothing satisfies like a good banana or apple! Plus natural sugars are a great way to keep up your energy levels on long hikes!

3. Good pair of sunnies: Don’t be fooled by cloudy conditions! You always need to pack a pair of sunnies to protect your eyes!

4. Hat: Provides extra protection from the sun and the elements. Never leave home without one!

5. Hydration tablets and natural energy blocks: An extra way to keep your body hydrated and energized to help prevent muscle fatigue and dehydration.

6. Favorite bikini: You never know if you’ll find a body of water to jump in to cool off so we always pack a bikini…just in case!

Most importantly, don’t forget to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water! Staying hydrated before a long hike is just as important as drinking water during the hike!

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