No Shoes No Worries Goes To The Mentawais

Photo by Shannon Cavarocchi @shannnoncav

Just last month Andy Kovszun went on a surf trip to the Mentawais where she surfed, shot, wrote and enjoyed the tropics by boat. We sat down and got the latest about her experience.

Tell us a bit about your trip?

Where do I even begin? It was the trip of a lifetime. 11 girls, 10 days on a boat in the Mentawai’s, perfect waves and good times! Admittedly I was a little nervous as it was my first time on a surf trip of this kind, nor did I really know any of the girls on the boat but as soon as we all met up and got together, it was good vibes all around. Every day was a new surf spot, filled with island adventures, shoots, snorkelling and diving, the odd yoga class here and there and lots and lots of laughs. There’s actually plenty to do on a boat trip, especially if you’re with a group of good girlfriends. I highly recommend for anyone who wants to improve their surfing, have fun and make great memories.

Photo by Shannon Cavarocchi @shannnoncav

What was your favourite surf spot in the Mentawai’s?

This spot called Burger World which we got all to ourselves one morning. It’s a peeling right hander that is greatly underrated! It was maybe the 2nd or 3rd day of the trip and I remember staying in the water all morning, only coming back on the boat for banana pancakes because my body wouldn’t let me paddle any more. I caught some of the funnest, best waves of my life there and the best part was being able to share it with all the girls. The energy on that morning was so fun, we all cheered for one another and hooted each other into waves.

What are you packing essentials for a boat trip?

You really don’t need much, just be sure to pack A LOT of bikinis and surf zinc! Your best board bag and favourite boards, obviously, along with a few extra leg ropes, fins and a repair kit in case you get any dings on the way there (or during). I always make sure I have a few rashies and surf vests too, just to give myself extra protection from the sun and reef. I also rediscovered the importance of moisturiser on this trip. Being in the sun all day can really tire you out and dry your skin, so make sure you’ve got all the face and body creams you can pack in your board bag, your skin will thank you at the end of the day. Don’t forget your camera for capturing memories and maybe a sarong for those island hoping days!

Photo by Lia Turiano @lturiano

You got featured on the cover of Surf Girl Mag with a photo from your trip- tell us a bit about this photo and who shot it?

It was such a surprise! I’m so honoured, Surf Girl Mag have been great inspiration and I’ve been so grateful to be able to write for them in the past. The cover shot was totally unexpected, my good friend and photographer Lia Turiano shot it on our first session at Burger World (probably why its my favourite spot, you can actually see my stoke face in the shot, I was having a blast). Poor Lia was floating around all morning in the water getting bitten by sea lice, but I guess getting the cover made it worth it! Definitely a great way to remember a surf trip.

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