Give the gift of sustainability!

Give the gift of sustainability this Christmas!

To raise awareness of the negative effect on single-use plastics, we’ve paired up with local eco-label Earth Bottle to bring you guys a special treat this holiday season whilst challenging the status quo surrounding single-use plastics.

So we grabbed Professional Surfer Ellie Brooks and Professional Photographer Cait Miers to shoot with our latest season summer products on the classic beaches in Byron Bay. See the images from the shoot and what Ellie has to say about the sustainability of our playgrounds and shooting with Cait below : )

“I am so excited about this collaboration with Roxy and Earth bottle! It is amazing to see two incredible companies align with the same mission of ditching plastic! Sustainability plays such a huge role in today's society! The less plastic the better! It is crazy that it takes 450 years for one plastic water bottle to biodegrade! Hopefully, this can spread the word a little more and get everyone using Earth bottle! I absolutely love mine and I know everyone else will too."

“The shoot was really great, it’s always fun shooting with Cait! Prior to the shoot had a whole week of rain and bad weather so when we locked in a date we prayed it would clear up and luckily it did! It was a bluebird day and hardly anyone around at the pass in Bryon so it was super easy to get some really nice content. Byron is such a photogenic place, I absolutely love it there.”

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