Sharing smiles and stoke with Nao Omura

Meet Nao, she’s the smiling pocket rocket hailing from Japan, currently cruising the QS Tour.

After hanging out with Nao in Bali recently, we are ready to pack our gear and shred anywhere on the Kanagawa coast alongside her. And did we mention that she’s trained her dogs to surf…?! We want to see this in real life.

Nao Omura

How did you start surfing?

I was on holiday with my family in Hawaii when I was 10 years old and my first ever surf experience was Queen’s beach, Waikiki. I saw so many surfers out there having fun so I gave it a try, it was such a great feeling.

I was having so much fun out there and I saw a view from the ocean which I hadn't seen before. After that holiday I told my parents ‘I want to surf!’. My family didn’t know anything about surfing so that was a bit tricky, but I live near Kugenuma beach so that was half the problem solved.

Nao Omura
Nao Omura

Where are your favorite surf spots in Japan?

My favorite spots is my home break Kugenuma beach in Kanagawa and I also like Hyuga in Miyazaki, both are beach breaks.

We love your instagram pics of you surfing with your dogs. How did you teach them to surf?

My dogs love to swim, so one day I called them onto my boards. After they caught their first wave they were hooked and now they want to ride on the board again and again! That's why we surf together and we all love the surf.

What was it like traveling and surfing with the ROXY team in Bali?

Bali with the ROXY team was a trip of a lifetime! All these girls have been my heroes, they have the kindest hearts. I'm honored to surf, shoot, and have fun with the team.

Nao Omura
Nao Omura
Nao Omura

With only a few events left on the QS tour, what are your plans for the rest of the year? and 2016?

I am off to Spain for my last QS this year so I'm training hard now. I will do my best and I want to win as many heats as I can.

I’m working with Japanese TV, media and social networks to increase awareness of surfing in Japan. And fingers crossed for surfing to become an event at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, i’ll be training for that too!

Nao Omura

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