Stephanie in the Water

It was a beautiful night in downtown Los Angeles at the Cinefamily Theatre for an exclusive screening of Stephanie Gilmore’s documentary, Stephanie in the Water.

Stephanie’s documentary provides us with an intimate look into her life as it documents both the physical and mental challenges that she encountered as one of the best female surfers in the world.

Stephanie’s documentary is an inspirational film that depicts the reality of being a 5x World Champion. After a heartbreaking tragedy that ended her remarkable winning streak, the film documents Stephanie’s courage, strength & relentless determination to regain the top spot in women’s surfing.

While watching Steph’s new film for the first time we couldn’t help but immerse ourselves in her story. From one break to another Steph’s free surfing draws you in and captivates you from your seat. Whether it’s the effortless perfection or flawless style, this film shares Gilmore’s emotions through her surfing.

Fellow ROXY Teammate Kelia Moniz said it best, “Confidence, grace, and humility is everything Stephanie displays heavily in and out of the water. Watching her take such as positive and huge lead in Women’s surfing and as a female role model is so beautiful!”

Stephanie in the Water is coming soon to Australia. For more information, please visit

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