Talking Tech with Robin Van Gyn & Lena Stoffel #ROXYsnow

As temperatures continue to drop and fresh snow dumps on our favorite mountains, our attention turns to making sure we have the right gear for the conditions.

All the tech jargon can be a little confusing, so we asked Robin Van Gyn and Lena Stoffel to break down some essential comfort, waterproofing and warmth features in our snow range to make sure you have everything you need this season.

First off, Gortex is a lightweight, durable, waterproof technology that helps keep you dry on the mountain. Likewise, Dryflight is lightweight and water repellent. Additionally, Primaloft is lightweight insulation that runs through the jacket. Keeping you extra cozy on the slopes. Similarly, Warmflight technology is synthetic yarn inflation (warm and breathable). Another aspect of our products is 4-way stretch, allowing your snow gear to feel just as comfortable as streetwear.

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