The Beach Boys x ROXY Collection

The Beach Boys' songs brought us into their world of partying, surfing and chasing California girls. If that's not Rock and Roll we don't know what is.

The Beach Boys mastered that quintessential West Coast summertime sound with their complex harmonies and unmistakable melodies at a time when the Beatles British invasion was in full swing. It was the band's music that truly captured the spirit of the Californian lifestyle in the sixties, largely contributing to the creation of the hippie subculture.

With over eighty chart topping songs worldwide, a Grammy Award and an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, The Beach Boys continue to bring us Good Vibrations fifty years after the sound was first introduced.

The Beach Boys x ROXY Collection

ROXY team rider and fellow musician Justine Mauvin filled us in on how The Beach Boys have influenced her music -

When you hear The Beach Boys, what do you think of first?

I really think The Beach Boys are the creators of the "Californian Myth". They opened people's eyes to the Californian surf lifestyle and became the first American band to rival English phenomena, the Beatles. The impact of their music is that we all have the vision of Southern California with palm trees, surfers boys and pretty girls on the beach. They kind of created a new and cool West Coast in the 60s.

The Beach Boys x ROXY Collection

Have The Beach Boys had an impact on your style of music today?

The Beach Boys have surely made an impact. The band is one of the ancestors of surf and pop music, with its light and dynamic rhythms, even psychedelic at times.

What inspires you when you are listening their songs?

What I appreciate and probably try to achieve are the intricate vocal harmonies that Beach Boys songwriter, Brian Wilson created. All of their songs are very melodic and that is something that really resonates with me musically.

The Beach Boys x ROXY Collection
The Beach Boys x ROXY Collection

Are there any similarities between The Beach Boys music and yours?

Probably this perpetual search for fresh, relevant and interesting melodies.

What’s your favorite Beach Boys song?

Good Vibrations

Being a musician yourself Justine, what is the best quality an artist can have?

To be able to stay loyal to your inspirations and creations, to follow your creative soul and to make something with your heart. Second is to know how to listen ;)

To celebrate The Beach Boys x ROXY collection we created a playlist with all of our favorites. You can listen to the full playlist on our Spotify channel here.

California Girls

Surfin’ USA

Good Vibrations

Barbara Ann

Surfer Girl

Help Me, Rhonda

I Get Around

Fun, Fun, Fun

In My Room

God Only Knows

Wouldn’t It Be Nice

Sloop John B

Don’t Worry Baby

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