Torah Bright Making Waves

If you happen to follow Torah Bright on Instagram, you’ll know that she’s happiest with any board under her feet. Swapping her snowboard and chilly winter conditions for the sun, salt, sand and SURF!

Torah takes us through her favorite surf memories and how she started.

Torah Bright Surf vs Snow

When did you catch the surfing bug?

We would spend a lot of time on the beach as kids but always body surfing and boogie boarding. It wasn't until I was with Roxy that I had tried surfing at one of the Roxy learn to surf days. The next time I went surfing was in Fiji, for the Roxy Pro. It was after the 2006 Olympics and I just went to soak up the sun with the Roxy team. I got to surf with all the rad Roxy team riders and at the time Carissa Moore's dad was pushing me onto waves, helping me out. I was out on boats getting jet-ski rides, catching a wave then getting jet ski rides back out. It was the best first experience that anybody could ever have. And Fiji is paradise, it's my happy place, it is heaven. Good memories!

#tbt to Nicaragua #nicamon @ellerybreck @themegamo Missing the whole crew!!

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Was surfing something you had always wanted to try?

The learn to surf day sparked some interest. I've always been a beach girl at heart, and now when I have a break - you'll find me at the beach. Every year now I head off on a boat trip. It had been Costa Rica for a few years and this year was my second time to Nicaragua. I try and fit in a few sneaky winter surfs while I'm home in Australia.

Girls boat trip! Surfing all this good good! @elenahight @themegamo @ellerybreck @gretchenbleiler

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@elenahight and I heading out for a sunset surf! #nicamon: @themegamo

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Life under the sea with @juliamancuso

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How much fun was your time in Maui with Roxy team rider Monyca Eleogram?

We had SO much fun! My friend lives on the other side of the island to Monyca, so we called her and said we were coming to visit. We surfed and then stayed with Monyca on her beautiful avocado farm, it was awesome. That's living out there!

Ahhh too much fun exploring Hana with local @monycaeleogram & @juliamancuso

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With your busy training schedule, how do you find time to catch a few waves?

It's all about balance. Life is about balance. For me surfing in rejuvenating, you could say it's cross training but only dependent on your dedication. You surf three times a day you do get fit from surfing and being active, but for me it's more of a rejuvenation, to be in the sun and in the ocean and surfing, I love it. It's a necessary part of being happy for me.

Where are your favorite surf spots?

Nicaragua has definitely been a highlight. It was the best combination of great waves, great location and great group. A really fun group to hang out with.

Waiting for waves and exploring the reef below!

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Bali Bali Bali... Derp.

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