Welcome to the new Cute.

WELCOME TO THE NEW CUTE - June 3rd, 2021
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Winning a world title is cute.
Wiping out on a 30-foot barrel is cute.
Losing a tooth for the sport – cuteeee!

Female surfing has battled a one-dimensional story since its debut. One in which a female athlete needs to be a girl first. And then, an athlete. Pretty, feminine, approachable, .... CUTE, first. Athlete second.

ROXY’s “Welcome to The New Cute” takes long-held perceptions of cute, and blows them wide open.

Narrated by 2x Longboard World Champion Kelia Moniz and featuring the likes of 7x Surfing world Champion Stephanie Gilmore, 4x Surfing World Champion Lisa Andersen and Olympic Gold Medalists Chloe Kim & Torah Bright, the video highlights the many layers of the life of a professional boardrider, from stumbles, wipeouts and broken teeth to barrels, victories, and world titles.

The campaign fosters empowerment in a self-assured manner, acknowledging the strength of female surfers, skiers and snowboarders, and a different view of their world.

Let’s make the new CUTE stronger, fresher, and more badass. #redefineCUTE