Yoga, Your Sporting Ally.

The #RUNSUPYOGA event begins in a few days! The first stop on the World Tour is in Barcelona! Xuan-Lan, our yoga teacher for the event in Barcelona, explains why yoga is so complementary for running or surfing (or stand-up paddle).

Yoga is a discipline that is mostly made up of postures, meditation and breathing control but it is above all a healthy lifestyle based on ancient principles.

Like all women, I enjoy taking care of myself both on the inside and the out. I like to feel good, think positively and yoga helps me keep that balance. Saturday's yoga class at #RUNSUPYOGA will be dynamic, fun and soothed by the sound of the DJ.

Yoga and running

Yoga’s benefits are proven to help you as a runner. Yoga practice helps optimize stretching, maintain good muscle tone and good joint flexibility for better mobility.

Yoga and surfing (or stand up paddle)

These two sports have a lot in common. Surfing a wave is a spiritual moment. It is a sport that requires concentration, force and flexibility. Yoga improves balance, builds strength and suppleness, all qualities that are ideal for getting up quickly on a board! That's why our ROXY athletes, like Justine or Rosy, love yoga!

I can’t wait to give the yoga class #RUNSUPYOGA in Barcelona! The #RUNSUPYOGA is the perfect combo between yoga and land sports and water. I’m looking forward to seeing you on Saturday, 23 May at 8am for a Vinyasa flow yoga class on the Barceloneta beach! Then you will be perfectly warmed up for your run!

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