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Womens Wetsuits by Roxy

Built to keep you warm, comfortable, and out there for longer, ROXY wetsuits are designed specifically for women and tested by ROXY surfers. From dawn patrols to sunset sessions we have you covered.


All Roxy wet suits use the latest and best in high technology to ensure your wetsuit is as light, warm, flexible and durable as possible. Very close attention is paid to seams and stitching which are key to warmth and comfort.

Performance & Fashion

Roxy blends fashion with high performance surfing like no other. Our collections feature bold patterns, bright colours and innovative design features.

Wide Range

Our range includes female steamers, spring suits, wetsuit jackets, wetsuit shorts and more. Roxy offers both entry-level wetsuits range like Syncro as well as high-end suits like XY collection or performance-driven AG47.