Bali’s Big Eco Weekend: Educating, Protecting & Conserving Bali’s Beaches…One Sea Turtle at a Time!

Roxy and Quiksilver team riders and legends kicked off Bali’s Big Eco Weekend with ateam signing at Legian Beach. A huge crowd gathered for the chance to meet their heroes and grab an autograph and a photo or two. The team loved sharing the mutual stoke from the fans! Plenty of smiles all round!

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Getting ready for the beach clean up, we rolled up our sleeves and joined the dedicated clean up crew of local community members and visitors to help clean up Legian Beach.

With non-degradable waste as the by-product of not just the local environment, but also from the rapidly growing population of Indonesia, raising awareness of the alarming issue was the driving force of the weekend.


Despite picking up trash, we still managed to look stylish, as clearly demonstrated by Bruna!


As the cleanup efforts were tallied, we joined the crowd and headed to the presentation. We were welcomed by a traditional band and beautiful Balinese dancers, the excitement drawing people in as they came in from the surf. Given a brief presentation of the initiatives beginnings, we all pledged to continue the clean up efforts in Bali and to take the message home to share with others.

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As the formalities finished up, the Bali Sea Turtle Society announced it was time for the turtle release! Over 1,000 hatchlings were ready to be released into the ocean.

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Rosy, Sally, Kelia and Bruna each gave their turtles a few words of encouragement before setting them off into the wild, hoping they would not only survive but come back to Bali’s beaches to mate in the future.

It was a great moment to share as we watched the tiny turtles make their way towards the water then swept into the ocean to begin their new life!


As the day drew to a close, competitors of the Uluwatu Challenge were invited to partake in a Balinese Hindu ceremony.

Dressed in traditional sarongs, we took our place on the sand as the blessing was given by the local temple priest. Showered with sacred water and blessed with the customary rice placed on the forehead for good fortune, we watched the sun set over the ocean.

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