In the week leading up to the ROXYpro Gold Coast, we were eagerly putting the finishing touches on a plan to reconnect with our friends at Herewith Mag for a special shoot that had been in the wings for a while.

Finally the morning arrived and before the sun had stretched above the horizon, we were Byron bound with a few of our favorite boards, a slew of our new bikinis and our girl, Mainei Kinimaka, all set for a day of shooting.

#ROXYSneakPeek Behind The Scenes of our Herewith x Mainei Shoot

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If you’ve managed to pick up the latest copy of Herewith Magazine, you’ll have noticed Issue 003 is dedicated to the theme, Intuition. A compelling topic when it connects to our love of the mountain and the wave and the instinctive understanding that guides decision making when we trust it enough.

To the Sea with Herewith Magazine and Mainei Kinimaka

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After meeting a few of our favorite groms on on the Gold Coast, we thought we’d introduce them to you. We think they’re going to be the ones to watch in the not-so distant future.

Meet Zahlia, one of the newest groms to the ROXY team. She’s 11 years old and has already been surfing for at least 5 years - growing up in Wollongong, a coastal town south of Sydney no doubt helps!

The Kids Are Alright: Meet Zahlia

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At a recent #ROXYfitness yoga event in France, we caught up with naturopath and cook, marion.thelliez. She was assembling a delicious chia bowl and we discovered how beneficial the tiny seed can be. Chia is not only rich in fiber, omega 3s, protein, vitamins and minerals, but including it in a healthy diet can improve digestive and heart health (to name a few!).


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With the launch of Lisa Andersen Collection this week, we felt a swell of pride around revisiting some of the stories and moments that kick started ROXY as a brand and changed the surf industry as we know it.

Monthly Mixtape: Lisa Andersen

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