July was quite a fun and busy month for me. Having competed in ASC West Java Competition 2013, I was saved by my last-minute-heat maneuver that took me to the finals and came out third.

 I am lucky to be one of four chosen celebrities to get involved in the “Save Manta” campaign with Manta Trust, an organization for the worldwide conservation of manta rays and their habitat. To help raising awareness and providing education to the general public and community stakeholders alike, we collaborated with Shawn Heinrich and Bluesphere Media setting up an extraordinary photo session with the giant fish at Manta Bay and Manta Point, Nusa Penida, Bali, Indonesia.

It was also an exciting trip to head back to Rote Island, right after hosting my TV show called Trekker. This island has captured my heart with its waves and beautiful sunset since the first time I set foot there in 2008. Since this trip was actually unplanned, I only brought my boardshort and bikini, without a surfboard, leash or even wax. Spotting my ‘hungry eyes’ looking at the waves, the owner of the small hotel I checked myself into lent me a wetsuit and a surfboard…, and up to hit the waves I went! Enjoying the sunset in Rote Island simply marked the day well spent.

At the end of the month, by being involved in Manta Trust Campaign, I learned about how tourists adore and want to preserve Indonesia’s nature, they realize the importance of keeping the balance of the ecosystem. And when I had the chance to chat with fellow surfers in Rote, they said that Indonesians are so lucky to have such a ‘paradise’, hopefully we can keep things the way they are here. 

Last but not least, a pair of Roxy legging with Roxy logo all around them has been my favorite piece from the latest summer collection.  I wore them in an interview with The Tonight Show recently. July has been great; August, here I come!  

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