Living Like a Local with Zoe Cross of crossandbone at the #ROXYpro

Aussie model, curator of crossandbone and hometown girl here in Coolangatta, Zoe Cross joined us for the #ROXYpro to cheer on good friend who you may have heard of before… Stephanie Gilmore. Between heats we let Zoe loose in the ROXY store to pick her favorite pieces from our latest #POPsurf collection. Zoe gave us a little insight into her beach style, #ROXYpro essentials and what it’s like growing up in the surfing mecca of Snapper Rocks.

POPsurf with crossandbone

What do you love about the Gold Coast?

Do you mean besides the amazing weather, laid back people, killer party vibes and world class surf conditions? Not much really.

What was it like growing up surfing Rainbow Bay?

Being a local gal at a spot like Rainbow Bay I felt like it was easier to develop my own surfing style and learn new skills. My brothers and friends played a big part in me wanting to get out there, I remember my brother giving me my first board and telling me to eat a block of concrete and hit the surf. The rest is history... Nowadays people would be happy to let me drop in on them when the surf is mellow.

POPsurf with crossandbone
POPsurf with crossandbone
POPsurf with crossandbone

What are your essentials for watching the #ROXYpro?

The crowd you keep. There is no point watching the #ROXYpro with people who don't understand the significance of a competition like this. This is a collection of the best surfers in the world. Furthermore, I hate explaining to people how the judges score waves to people who don't surf. (Especially when sometimes it is a mystery to me as well)

Where is your favorite place for dinner on the Gold Coast?

Burger Lounge, O Sushi, Black Coffee Lyrics... The list goes on.

Black Coffee Lyrics, is that your favourite coffee shop?

The last time I drank coffee I vacuumed the house for three hours, then thought I could see in bullet time. You could call me a ‘java lightweight’. Although, I do like the food at Cafe Scooterini, they do a mean eggs benedict. I actually have dreams about the hollandaise sauce.

What music do you listen to on the beach?

Anything that encourages booty popping. At the moment that is Dirty Ghetto Beats. But it varies from Kendrick Lamar to Ziggy Stardust to Morrissey.

POPsurf with crossandbone
POPsurf with crossandbone

How did you and Stephanie Gilmore become friends?

I taught her how to surf. She has become pretty good since we first paddled out together ; )

What inspires you most about Steph?

She shows incredible grace under pressure and will tenaciously perform at her best until the final horn. She is a tremendously powerful, confident rider yet when she steps away from the waves she is compassionate, humble and friendly with her peers and fans.

Does any of that translate into your work as a model?

While I would say that my friendly disposition makes me easy to work with, I think it would be difficult to pose tremendously powerful... unless of course I did a shoot with some sort of assault rifle. (That sounds like an awesome idea)

What is it like living in the city being from a beach town?

People always seem to be in a hurry in the city and they can be quite rude. When I'm driving sometimes I wonder why people are using their horns so much... mind you, it could have something to do with me driving on the footpath again.

Do you carry over any beach style to the city?

I wear thongs/flip flops to fancy restaurants. #ThugLife

What are your favorite ROXY pieces right now?

#POPsurf collection for sure. And the #ROXYfitness range is dope.

POPsurf with crossandbone

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