Teenie Wahines Talk Business Over Skateboards and Ice Cream at the #ROXYpro

Being a grom is hard work. You have to spend your days surfing, skateboarding and eating multiple ice creams. We managed to catch up with our three favorite teenie wahines; 8 year-old Sierra Kerr, 11 year-old Leila Riccobauno and 14 year-old Alyssa Lock, fresh from a week of beach days, fun waves and sharing the stoke with our professional surfers and team riders during the #ROXYpro Gold Coast.

ROXY groms

What is the first thing you think about when you wake up?

Leila - Dang I am hungry!

Sierra - I think about style and skateboarding and surfing.

Alyssa - First thing is listen to the wind from my bed to see what the conditions could be like, and think "are there waves today" and where will I might find them. I’ll get out of bed and check the surf cams and then message a friend to come for a surf.

How did you feel when you were sponsored by ROXY?

Leila - Oh my goodness I was so happy!

Sierra - It impressed me. It made me go like whoa. It just kinda gave me that push to do better.

Alyssa - When I first got sponsored by ROXY, put the sticker on my board I felt like the luckiest girl in the world!!! I was so proud to flash my board around I couldn't wait for my friends to see it.

ROXY groms
photo courtesy of WSL ROXY groms

What’s the best part about being a ROXY girl?

Leila - It is so cool! Its the only brand that is just girls. And I like their clothes.

Sierra - With ROXY you can do a bunch of sports. Plus there are so many awesome girls on the team.

Alyssa - I don't like ROXY, I LOVE ROXY! I love the fun lifestyle of being with friends and surfing and being at the beach. It's about having fun, smiling and enjoying life. Then getting out there and sharing that fun with everyone around you.

Who is your favorite ROXY team rider?

Leila - Can I pick three? Kelia, Lisa and Monyca.

Sierra - Kelia, Monyca, Bruna, Steph and Lisa.

Alyssa - That's a hard question and I don't want to pick one. The ROXY girls are like family and you can't just pick one as your favourite, I love them all!

ROXY groms

Why are they your favorite?

Leila - Lisa is practically the mom of surfing, she sets the example for all the girls and she is really nice too!

Sierra - Because they are so nice, they are so good at what they do and it is just so inspiring.

Who got you into surfing?

Leila - My dad and my brother.

Sierra - Well of course my Dad. There is no doubt about that.

Alyssa - My dad started me off on a boogie board, but because I damaged his so much he thought it was time for me to get my own board and that was all I needed.

When you are riding big waves what are you thinking about?

Leila - Please don’t get hit by a big wave I don’t want to die today noooo!

Sierra- Do not close out on me, let me get around the section. When I am duck diving I normally just bail because I have to swim super deep, its like hard to go that deep. I just ditch my board and go under.

Alyssa - When I'm on big waves I am always thinking ‘where's the barrel at?’ or I hope this wave is a long ride and that no-one drops in on me (living at Snapper it's always possible!).

What is the most important thing someone has told you about surfing or skateboarding?

Leila - How to duck dive and be parallel on the wave. Like opening up your shoulders. You look at the lip and say ‘Hi lip give me a hug then you like reject it’.

Sierra - In skateboarding he told me to not be scared and to just go for it. He told me to not feel like you are going to break anything.

Alyssa - That one is easy .... HAVE FUN!!

ROXY groms
ROXY groms

What do you like better surfing or skateboarding?

Leila - Surfing because I am way better at it.

Sierra - I think I like skateboard more by like an inch.

Alyssa - Surfing surfing surfing without a doubt! I love being in the ocean so it's definitely surfing. I sometimes forget how fun skateboarding is because I don't always have time but I once I skate it reminds me of how much I actually enjoy it.

Sierra, what is the best part of skateboarding for you?

Sierra - Doing tricks and dropping in just feels so good. My favorite trick is probably airs.

Leila and Sierra, do you guys like skateboarding together?

Leila - Yes it is so cool watching her do amazing stuff. She was doing a rock to fakie and airs, my jaw dropped!

Sierra - It is just fun to skate with friends. My favorite thing we did today was we made a love heart with our kick turns.

Advice for the ROXY team?

Leila - Be yourself.

Sierra - Just be the way you are. Be yourself and keep getting better at what you do.

Alyssa - Keep inspiring :)

ROXY groms

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