Womens Wetsuit Buyers Guide 2020 - Stay Warm In The Ocean This Winter

SURF - May 14, 2020
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So the air and ocean temperatures have started to dip, your favourite bikini is no longer cutting it but you want to keep surfing yeah?

Well here’s a guide to get you through winter and keep your daily ritual alive. It’s hard navigating all the different types, the jargon, the thickness, plus what's really right for where you live and your budget. And we know as girls, the wetsuit world can be more focused on guys than girls so it's hard to know where to even start. Well don’t worry, you are not alone and we’ve got you covered. This is your wetsuit buyers guide for any budget and exclusively for the ladies.

There are 3 key things to consider when buying a wetsuit. Firstly fit or comfort; wetsuits can be a pain at the best of times so you are less likely to pull a wetsuit on at 6am if you know you don’t like wearing it and it isn’t a comfortable fit. Secondly, warmth; What’s the point in wearing a wetsuit if you’re not cosy when you’re out in the water and all you think about is the chill factor. And thirdly, style; Wetsuits are like a second skin, so you want the cut to be flattering and make you feel good, whilst doing what you love. This is why cuts for women become more critical in wetsuits for women as opposed to men.

Roxy provides a number of different wetsuits at a number of different prices to suit every type of surfer. StartIng at the higher end of around $599.99 and coming down to $199.99 on the lower end. There is a wetsuit for everyone, every climate and every girl in the collection.

You may be thinking why such a dramatic difference in the prices, “they all look the same to me”! Here’s why.

Before we jump into the different collections, let’s talk about the types of suits and thicknesses that will be best for your local beach. Essentially you have two types of suits. Spring Suits, which are thinner suits with a number of different cuts from booty shorts and long arms to boyfriend short cuts and short arms. These are typically for warmer water and climates, they can get you through the winter months in the northern states but if you feel the cold you'll want a winter suit, which leads us to steamers. They have long legs and typically long arms. Rule of thumb from here is the thicker the wetsuit, the warmer you will be. You can tell the suits thickness by the number references, which can range anywhere from 2:2 to 4:3 and thicker. The number references the thickness in millimeters of the suit's neoprene.

The main areas that you want to keep warm are your legs and internal organs. This is why the thickest part of the wetsuit is in the legs and body of the suit. This keeps your overall core body temp up and that means you stay warmer, you have less thickness in the arms so it’s easier for you to paddle. As if paddling isn’t hard enough already!

We recommend that if your local beach has a water temp of 16 degrees or lower in winter, that’s basically any coastal zone around Australia south of Sydney and Perth, or the whole of New Zealand, you will want to consider a 3:2 or 4:3 steamer. Yes a 3:2 will last you a little bit longer throughout the year, but it won’t get you through the very coldest months of June to September in those colder areas. For north of Sydney and Perth you should only need a 3:2 to get you through the coldest months of the year, which is basically May - September. Quick tip, just like having a pair of shoes for every occasion, it's worth having a wetsuit for every occasion so having a 3:2 and a 4:3 in your wetsuit wardrobe isn't a bad thing!

WOMENS PERFORMANCE COLLECTION - $599.99 for a 4:3 and $549.99 for a 3:2

The performance collection is our highest price pointed range for the main reason that it has all our highest end technology in the suit. The one factor that is going to keep you the warmest is the WarmFlight® Far Infrared x2 thermal lining, a bit of a mouth full I know, but this is the stuff in the wetsuit that feels like you wrapping yourself in a nice warm hoodie. This technology traps the heat your body produces inside the wetsuits and keeps you nice and snug. It also dries super quick which is always a plus so you don’t need to put on a wet wetsuit when you go for that 2nd session later in the day! If you’re anything like us, knowing you have to put on a cold, wet wetsuit deters you from wanting to go surfing again.

The other key feature to these suits is the liquid seals, this is the reinforcement on all of the seams so no water gets in through those seams and there are no little cold surprises sending shivers down your spine!

If you're looking to get through the very depths of winter in one of the colder states this is something you should have your eyes on, it will last you a couple of years so you will definitely get your money's worth and motivation to jump in that chilly water and keep shredding. It is a no brainer.


We all want to save the world right?! It can be a little hard to do that when you need a new wetsuit to keep you warm through winter. However now you can buy a new wetsuit and be guilt free! Our Pop Surf range of wetsuits is our eco collection and there are actually 25 recycled bottles built into each wetsuit! How is this possible you ask?

Well the process is quite complex but the main properties that have the water bottles recycled into it, are on the outer layer of the wetsuit or the jersey of the wetsuit. We only go up to a 3:2 in this collection so it's not for places with water temps below 16 degrees but for you ladies in the northern states it is perfect. If you're looking for something bright, stylish and eco-friendly - the Pop Surf collection is for you!

WOMENS SYNCRO COLLECTION $369.99 for a 4:3 and $349.99 for a 3:2

The syncro collection is where you have your value for money, if you don't see yourself surfing every day in winter and it might actually be in the middle of the day when the sun has warmed up the earth a little bit after you have had your morning cup of joe and your feet aren’t completely numb then this is the collection for you. It has really similar features to the performance collection, just less of those features in certain areas. For example that nice fluffy stuff is only in the back panel to keep your core nice and cosy. The rest of the suit is our super lightweight and stretchy neoprene making it super easy to get in and out of the suit but also keeps you nice and warm!

So there you have it, ROXYS complete guide to your next winter wetsuit purchase! If you have any questions be sure to chat with our lovely customer service team.