Aimee Fuller’s Aussie Adventure

With Aimee Fuller, you see more than just a few flips and tricks, she’s fiercer than that. What you will see is Aimee having the most fun on the mountain. Taking it by storm with a big smile on her face.

Aimee recently headed to Australia for the first time to compete in the opening event of the Slopestyle series tour. Since it was her first trip down under we caught up with Aimee to hear all about photobombing kanagroos, swimming with sharks and riding the epic park conditions.

This your first time to Australia, how have your travels been so far?

Australia is awesome! So far I've seen Kangaroos, rode an awesome park, worked on some new tricks and swam with a shark!!! I've never been here to snowboard before, so coming somewhere new is the best. I was shocked at how big the mountains are and even more impressed with the parks. We were up at Perisher, super chill vibe and epic park. Loved it!

Little rail shred up here. @ #themilehigh

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My new mate wanted in on the selfie action. Wallaby up in here!!! @roxy #putashrimponthebarbie uber #tourist

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We made it to AUSTRALIA! Fun laps getting lost in the trees!! @perisher_resort @jennyjonessnow

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Are you a last minute or plan-ahead packer?

Well this trip was kind of last minute, I spoke to a couple of the Aussie gang and word on the street was good park and good snow, so it was a last minute pack on this one for sure! But in general id say I'm more last minute!

What won't you travel without?

Headphones! Get the tunes in and on the go and travelling is a breeze!

What's your favorite thing about being on the road when you're travelling and competing?

I love the sense of adrenaline you get from competing; it's everything you've got put into 2 runs! So there's a little pressure, which I like and huge adrenaline when you stomp it! Competing means you get to travel a lot to some insane places, and I love being on the road with the snowboard crew, the girls are awesome, like one big travelling family!! I never ever imagined I would even get to go to Australia, let alone snowboarding!

You always look like you're having the most fun. Your hair has it's own twitter page and your instagram feed is hilarious.

Haha yeah that's kind of crazy about my Hair twitter page, I don't even know who does it! Seems like they keep it pretty up to date.

Fro day. @roxy

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Sometimes you eat it. At least it wasn't yellow! ;) haha. Photo @zachhooperphoto @roxy

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Is that the key to your style, getting out there and having fun?

Yeah I like to express that in my riding, when I'm having fun on my board that's when I progress the most, you only get one chance to live your life, so I like to make the most of any opportunity that comes my way and keep it as fun as possible through my riding, travelling, family and friends.

What did you learn from being an Olympian?

The whole world is watching you and anything you say or do is talked about worldwide. I had a rough season the year before with shoulder injuries so qualifying 10 days before the games in the last 2 contests has made me mentally tougher. It brings the world together and creates the most amazing country camaraderie. Walking into the opening ceremony with Team GB as we were called through the tunnel, the roar of the team and crowd was something I'll never forget.

Just smile :)

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It's #olympicday let's get active!!!

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What are you looking forward to the most this season?

Just getting out on my board. Riding as much as I can without the "Olympic pressure" and pushing myself to see what I am capable of! I'm excited.

What and where is next on your agenda?

I'm heading to Hemel Hempstead in England it's a snow dome to work on a signature park night, that'll be fun! Then head out to Austria sometime in October, I love it out there. Fall In the Alps is beautiful.

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